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Treatment Face Video For Customer (Afternoon 11/07/19)

Опубликовано: 11 июл. 2019 г. 801 523 просмотра

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#SleepMusic #Satisfying #Relaxing

  • david legg
    david legg 2 місяці тому Pack of wankers the side panels are getting bigger,is there anybody in this world who knows how to show these pricks how to do better
  • M Angelica Gonzalez Huneeus
    M Angelica Gonzalez Huneeus 2 місяці тому When are you going to finish whit those hideus bears,? beside being horrible you mostly see gloves. It seem to me that you want show your drawnig not the pimple because you left us with a tiny screen. !!! Please do something!!
  • Kim Rowell
    Kim Rowell 2 місяці тому It's absolutely FRUSTRATING to see one at a time in such SLOW motion!!!
  • Debbie Judd
    Debbie Judd 2 місяці тому I want to do this job. 😁😁😁
  • Michael Flory
    Michael Flory 2 місяці тому Debbie, if ya want the job, go for it!! I saw this shirt last week that said, "Never give up on your dreams!! So, I went back to sleep!!" lol
  • Martine Gavalet
    Martine Gavalet 2 місяці тому Moi aussi, ça me détend d'enlever les points noirs !!!!!!!!!!
  • Polly Barnes
    Polly Barnes 1 місяць тому Not clearing out pores , all will be back in a couple of weeks!
  • Natalie Alvarez
    Natalie Alvarez 2 місяці тому Please tape the videos landscape mode.
  • Kim Rowell
    Kim Rowell 2 місяці тому When they are all bunched together like that, puncture 3-4 to squeeze & make it much more captivating than one at a time!!!!!
  • Monster KH
    Monster KH 2 місяці тому good i'm new channel
  • Elaine Fleming
    Elaine Fleming 1 місяць тому Talk about a slow boat to Panda land
  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto 1 місяць тому Credo, vou parar de ver esse canal, vicia muito, tou viciado.
  • Le nha
    Le nha 3 тижні тому Kkkk, eu também
  • Shelby Woods
    Shelby Woods 1 місяць тому Cannot watch too tiny screen. What's up with these bears? They're getting bigger
  • gameing with ryan
    gameing with ryan 2 місяці тому Don't like boarders at all
  • Sandra Mara
    Sandra Mara 1 тиждень тому Meu Deus!! Que musu
  • Kim Rowell
    Kim Rowell 2 місяці тому Their all lumped there together ...What's the problem ???
  • Jesus Sereno
    Jesus Sereno 1 місяць тому Porque no quitan esos figuras que se ven horribles
  • Kim Rowell
    Kim Rowell 2 місяці тому Please puncture more than one blackhead at a time. Its a lot more interesting & you would not lose the watcher.....