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Intelligent and Creative Moments in Football | Ronaldinho, Pogba

Опубликовано: 7 апр. 2019 г. 7 686 223 просмотра

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Я составляю видео о самых креативных моментах футбола. В этом видео Роналдиньо, Йозеф Мартинес, Погба, Гризманн, такие как футболисты.

🎵 музыка:
1-) Измученный инструментал (Ender Güney)
2-) Айви. & EphRem - Adderall [Усиление басов]


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  • Cenk Bezirci
    Cenk Bezirci 5 місяців тому ♥♥♥ subs
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    futbols cotinyo 5 місяців тому Adamsın abi
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    The Best 96 4 місяці тому Nope
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    TECH GUY 4 місяці тому Cenk Bezirci nice
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    MosTaFa BaLoOoZy 3 місяці тому video edited well thank u bro
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    Fake Walker 3 місяці тому Bang klo yg terakhir itu bukan cerdas. Tapi licik😴
  • Yann Kitala
    Yann Kitala 3 місяці тому Cest bien
  • Bagus Aji
    Bagus Aji 3 місяці тому Goal ke 4 liverpool yg lawan barca itu juga indah kok gak masuk kategori min ?
  • 온라인이라도예의좀지키자
    온라인이라도예의좀지키자 3 місяці тому 5:55 BGM name plz ?
  • 온라인이라도예의좀지키자
    온라인이라도예의좀지키자 3 місяці тому song name
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    Canavar Oyuncu 2 місяці тому 온라인이라도예의좀지키자 FRANCESCO TOTTY
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    Deniz İşkan 2 місяці тому Adamammm
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    biboucet /minzxroft 2 місяці тому Denayer wtf
  • キムチョン運転1903
    キムチョン運転1903 1 місяць тому Why would anyone sub this is just clips
  • Moeketsi Ramosana
    Moeketsi Ramosana 1 місяць тому Some the moments here are the most basic I've seen in football... The title should've been "My favorite players in football doing the basics" Less expectations that way.
  • M R Hidayatulloh
    M R Hidayatulloh 1 місяць тому I agree with you
  • erimias fentaye
    erimias fentaye 1 місяць тому I was also wondering how much a video title affects the number of views, below the bar. some even deserve to be on the dum list.
  • diego legnazzi
    diego legnazzi 1 місяць тому "momenti più creativi e intelligenti nel calcio, neymar e pogba" Ci sono mille giocatori diversi; Sono semplicemente azioni che finiscono in rete; Questo video non é nemmeno click bait
  • Benjamin Gomis
    Benjamin Gomis 4 місяці тому 🤣🤣Khadim Ndiay( Gk)
  • Ifeanyi Chris
    Ifeanyi Chris 4 місяці тому And I don't see what's smart or creative about that last goalkeeper
    YOUNG 4 місяці тому Ifeanyi Chris IKR he was wasting time and this guy is calling it,”SMART AND CREATIVE”.
  • Samrat Pandey
    Samrat Pandey 4 місяці тому Art of time wasting
  • Cyber KID
    Cyber KID 4 місяці тому Wasting is a smart move in certain games.
  • Cyber KID
    Cyber KID 4 місяці тому But i dont see why those penalties are smart or creative
  • Dj manco
    Dj manco 4 місяці тому Thilan Raja in some of them the striker took his time and at the end saw where the gk was moving so they just kick it to the other side
  • Esau Sanchez
    Esau Sanchez 4 місяці тому We was wasting time
  • Iqral Khusani
    Iqral Khusani 4 місяці тому He's a smartass
  • Buswanker Fc
    Buswanker Fc 4 місяці тому Can someone explain how that is timewasting?? The score was 2-2
  • Moda Samy
    Moda Samy 3 місяці тому If my national team keeper wastes time the commentator calls it " using his experience " but when our opponent wastes time they call it " poor playing "😂😂
  • Sir Franchise of the Filth
    Sir Franchise of the Filth 3 місяці тому @Buswanker Fc maybe they dont need win, probably they feel that they lose that match
  • Buswanker Fc
    Buswanker Fc 3 місяці тому AHMAD BIN MAHMOOD Yeah or it was in the group or something were a loss would have them taken out and with a draw they would get to the knockouts
  • Ibrahim Rouag
    Ibrahim Rouag 3 місяці тому @Buswanker Fc I'm algerian , in this game senegal needed a draw to pass the group stage , it was in CAN 2017
  • Ibrahim Rouag
    Ibrahim Rouag 3 місяці тому So yeah , it was a waste of time , but not smart or creative at all
  • Buswanker Fc
    Buswanker Fc 3 місяці тому Ibrahim Rouag Oh ok👍 thanx. Stupid to have this clip in the vid tho
  • Blackie_ L
    Blackie_ L 3 місяці тому Antisportivity instead creativity...
  • ElijahPlay DaBest
    ElijahPlay DaBest 2 місяці тому @Buswanker Fc because Senegal just needed a draw to escape da group stage in the African cup of nation's I think I'm not an expert
  • Maodo Fall
    Maodo Fall 1 місяць тому @ElijahPlay DaBest we was qualifited before that game but the GK was just stupid...
  • senghor yves
    senghor yves 1 місяць тому Buswanker Fc that was a group stage game and he needed just a draw and occupy first position
  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 1 місяць тому Same thing neymer did
  • Salvador Ramirez, Jr-Segura
    Salvador Ramirez, Jr-Segura 4 місяці тому 0:28 I swear that’s the first time I see Iniesta with hair
  • dabesaround nstuff
    dabesaround nstuff 4 місяці тому How many times have you seen football? Twice?
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    Djibson DaSilva 4 місяці тому @dabesaround nstuff 😂😃😂😃😂🖒
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    Salvador Ramirez, Jr-Segura 4 місяці тому (змінено) dabesaround nstuff sarcasm
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    Soumyadeep Ghosh 1 місяць тому Then you are a newbie in football
  • The Owl from Duolingo
    The Owl from Duolingo 4 місяці тому 5:51 Pirlo is the creative one in this scene not Marchisio
  • Jailson Dantaa
    Jailson Dantaa 1 місяць тому The Owl from Duolingo nckdxkxnjv ugfhhbcjcfjcjncnjc
  • ismail said
    ismail said 1 місяць тому This an aamazing goal af
  • nicola catanzaro
    nicola catanzaro 2 тижні тому That action isn’t crative because was progected before. Is one of more easy tattics on the corner
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    lee kirash 4 місяці тому Alexander arnold corner kick liverpool vs barcelona
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    MichisRTG 3 місяці тому At this time the ucl semi final wasn‘t releases Lol
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    Furkan Aktas 3 місяці тому Of course
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    axoskill 2 місяці тому Of course and you
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    FDR X 2 місяці тому Can we please forget about that one. It still haunts me
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    Liliana Gutierrez 1 місяць тому Liverpool vs Barcelona fue después de este vidao
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    꼬리곰탕 1 місяць тому 그렇게 이채널의 영상들은 시작과동시에 오른쪽을 두번터치하는 국룰이 생겼다
  • 김경준
    김경준 1 місяць тому (змінено) 진지하게 말씀드립니다 인트로에 호날두빼고 다른선수로 교체해서만들어주십쇼 (I take it seriously. Please switch to another player instead of Ronaldo in the intro video)
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    mohamed diwani 4 місяці тому football by itself is entertaining, no need for much editing